Welcome! I am Natalie, photographer and owner of Flutter and Click Photography, a budding boutique photography studio, located in Sydney, NSW (based in the beautiful Lower Blue Mountains)

Like most photographers, i played with my parent’s film camera until i could afford to buy my very own film SLR, and that camera came everywhere with me! I was lucky enough to attend art school and specialise in photomedia, and here i am now!

My photography is influenced by a range of modern and not so modern artists, i love both dramatic and delicate lighting and love the thought of capturing images that people can look back at with affection.

I hold a Masters degree in Art (Photomedia) and i am an emerging member of AIPP.

A little more about me....

I cant start the day without...Breakfast- i am one grumpy chick without it, oh and being on time, i cant stand starting the day running late!

My most treasured item is...my cat Miss Figgy, and i probably should mention my boyfriend too!

My biggest indulgence in life is...Hats and Maps, seriously i love a hat purchase and i collect old maps of cities.

A great story starts with...love

My biggest inspiration is... those who show me faith

A great photograph is...timeless and filled with a story.